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Our professional team caters to a wide range of needs of our clients such as installation of elevators, repairing faults, servicing and maintenance as well as checking components of various kinds of elevators.

Lift Installation

We offer elevator design services for all types of residential setups such as villas, apartments, townhouses as well as commercial places such as showrooms, hotels, malls, etc.  Our certified engineers and technicians blend innovation with practicality to come up with bespoke designs for elevators.

Testing & Commissioning

Saif Elevators & Solar Energy LLC continuously strives to serve our clients with emergency and general maintenance for elevators. We assure that all systems & components of the elevators are designed, installed, tested, operated & checked considering the operational requirements of the building.

Lift Maintenance Projects

Our experienced team of technicians provide top-notch maintenenance of elevators for all purposes, domestic or industrial. They stay updated with latest technology used in all major makes of elevators, keeping in mind international standard of safety regulations.



Photovoltaic Systems

Saif Elevators & Solar Energy LLC provides Photovoltaic Panels for residential and commercial buildings. Solar power produces no harmful emissions and is a cost-effective alternative to other non-renewable sources of energy, making it an eco-friendly power source.

Solar Water Heating &

Forced Circulation Systems

We provide installation of Solar Water Heating & Forced Water Circulation Systems that heat up water from the sun & store in a hot water cylinder. These systems are easily installed & help reduce your electricity bills to a large extent, depending on your usage.

Solar Carport System

We offer Solar Carport System as an economic alternative for commercial & industrial areas that helps generating electricity utilizing the heat from the sun while giving shaded car parking area for the public. Besides, this

system requires minimum maintenance

and repair.

Solar Street Lighting


Solar Street Lighting System is made with highly-efficient solar components that offer lifelong operations with minimum maintenance. Our solar street lighting systems have been tested for harsh weather

conditions that are common in UAE.

Solar Accessories

Saif Elevators and Solar Energy LLC provides a wide range of solar accessories such as connectors, cables, optimisers and monitoring systems to track the performance and efficiency of solar plants.

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We are an experienced team of qualified engineers and technicians who possess vast expertise in the installation, servicing and maintenance of elevators. Besides, we also cater to solar energy services such as solar panels, solar water heaters, solar lights etc, Get in touch with us today to know more.

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